Georgia’s Native American History dates back 17,000 years. This information may seem boring to your kids unless you take them to Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, Ga. It’s more than just another museum. And it’s free.

Let your kids explore 

IMG_2768.jpgThe site features several mounds that your kids can climb. A 1,000-year-old Earth Lodge is located inside the Great Temple Mound, just a short walk from the visitor’s center. The Earth Lodge was restored in the 1930s by workers from the Civilian Conversation Corps, also known as the CCC. The CCC also excavated thousands of artifacts.

Hear the stories of the Native Americans

It’s one thing to read about history as you tour the museum. It’s awesome to have someone tell you the stories. While we were there, we were privileged to meet Ranger Jim Branan who captivated us with the story of Ocmulgee. We were pressed for time and didn’t watch the 17-minute movie, which received rave reviews. IMG_2737

Take a picnic

Save money on food and take your own. Several shaded picnic areas are located outside the visitor’s center. If you eat too much, you can walk it off on one of the many trails.

Stamp your passport

I purchased one of the passport books where you can add a stamp of every national park I visit. Purchase one for the kids and let them collect stamps as they go.


Directions:  Take exit 2 off I-15 and take a left under the highway. Turn right onto Emery Highway. The entrance is on the right at the third traffic light.



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