Small Town Christmas-Hallmark Style

This is the time of the year that Hallmark runs Christmas movies 24 hours a day. Apparently, a lot of my Facebook friends watch them. They don’t care that the movies run through the same tired plots. But it’s usually about some girl going to a small town from a bigger city and falling in love with a man and the town. I don’t watch Hallmark movies only because I am very busy. I have only seen the first episode of “This is Us.”

I almost missed my town’s Christmas parade because I just didn’t think I could spare the time. But I knew if I didn’t get away from my desk, I would regret it.

My little town of Adairsville looks like the setting of a Hallmark movie. The downtown is built around a square and you will find several cute shops with the window decorated for the season. Wreaths adorn the buildings. There’s even an old, red fire truck that holds the town’s Christmas tree. It snowed here last December and the town looked magical. Adairsville at Christmas would rival any Hallmark movie set, snow or no snow.

The temperatures were only in the 50s when my husband and I drove downtown and it was already packed. The free hot dogs from the Lion’sClub and the cookies from the city were a pretty big draw. Well, free food and Santa Claus are an unbeatable combination.

As we waited for the parade we talked to several friends. My husband is a native here and I moved here when we married. I was a news reporter in the next town over when I first moved here. It’s not a big city but it’s bigger than Adairsville. My husband’s friends and others have made me feel welcome and like I am a part of them. This is home for not just my husband but for me now.

The parade started as any small-town parade does with a band or in this case an ROTC from the high school carrying the flags. But where can you find a parade with a moving porta-potty and a garbage truck all lit up for the season? Just to think I would have missed that if I had stayed home! 

I do think we are the only town with a Christmas parade interrupted by a train. The delay gave me just enough time to eyeball Snoopy for a while. I was reminded that I have been so busy I missed all of the Charlie Brown holiday specials this year.

I also had time to look around for that “big city” girl and her small-town fella. Then I turned around and saw my reflection in a store window. I was that girl who moved from a bigger town and fell in love with a man and a town. Yes, my life is a Hallmark movie. I wouldn’t trade this simple life for anything.

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