Every blogger has a story. Here’s how we’ll tell ours.

my husband and I

Millions of people are blogging either for their businesses or their passions. I am blessed enough to help businesses with their blogs and write about my passions. I have a lot of passions but one of them—travel—is tied to all of the others in some way.  Google the term “travel bloggers” and you will get thousands of hits. People are sharing the love for destinations all around the world. I see this as a wonderful thing. Everyone has a different perspective.

I live in the South and while two or our planned trips this year take us to the Midwest, my passion is here. I love that so many others are sharing their love for the lower part of our great country. I have only known one blogger that has tried to be “territorial” and talk badly about other bloggers. Other than that, I have found bloggers to be very supportive of each other. So what if we cover the same event or visit the same town? Again, we have different perspectives and styles. I love it. There is room for us all!

I am also a storyteller. I was in third grade when I would stand up before my class and tell stories. I can’t remember the names of those characters. I had a great career in broadcasting and print media where I wrote stories on everything from crime to community events.  I am now blessed to be able to write for a variety of publications and clients for a living. I even get to do an occasional piece on travel. I work a lot so in the past, this blog has been neglected.

My original goal for the blog was to simply tell the stories about the places and people we meet on our travels, even if we are just “traveling” to our local Food Lion. My other passion is saving money. For the past two years, we have been trying to create a blog/website that combines these passions.

I write for search engine optimization for clients and I know the “rules” about social media marketing. It’s part of my “job.” But when this blog feels like a “job,” it’s no longer fun. I can’t help but sometimes think of SEO or worry if my Instagram post has the right hashtags, but my overall goal is to have fun and share our stories. I am not hung up on numbers. Quite frankly, I believe if you deliver good content, the readers/followers will come.  With that said, I applaud and respect bloggers who use SEO techniques and measure page views. That’s just not my goal.

Last fall I decided to take some time to figure out how I want to tell our stories. The first thing I did was come up with a new name. Southern Family Adventures implied we were ziplining or jumping out of airplanes. I have changed the name to Southern Places, Southern Faces. Every Monday we will share a new story with you about some place or someone we met while on the road.

I want to encourage everyone to get out and find their own stories and make memories. You don’t have to get on a plane or drive across the country to do that. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. For my readers in Northwest Georgia, Southeast Tennessee, and Northeast Alabama, I am adding a permanent calendar with free events from these areas on the website. Every Wednesday, I will highlight an upcoming event.

We will also have some “bonus” content. Some of it will be from guest bloggers. I want to provide other perspectives as well.

For social media, our focus will be on Instagram and Facebook but we will have a presence on Twitter and Pinterest. Look for a lot of stuff in our “stories.”

By the way, some of our previous content will be archived. Some will be rewritten. Some will just go away. I am still evaluating everything. I don’t have a timetable but I expect this blog will look totally different in a few months.  Instead of waiting to get it perfect, I decided to begin posting content immediately.

Thank you for reading and for supporting me. It means more than you know.


I am an award-winning freelance writer who loves to help people save money. Check out our budget-friendly, family travel tips at southernfamilyadventures.com. I also help companies with their marketing at kimberlysloanjarrett.com.

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