Address: 163 Manning Mill Road. If you are coming from Cartersville on U.S. 41, make a right turn onto Manning Mill at Camille’s Corner convenience store. Make a left turn if you are coming from Calhoun. 

A view of the lake at Manning Mill Park.

The basics: The trail is 1.4 miles long and takes you past a lake. There are two paths that will take you further into the woods. The trail is graveled but look out for sweet gum balls. Also the plethora of geese along the trail sometimes leave a small surprise. 

Difficulty: This trail won’t be much of a challenge for experienced hikers. You do have a couple of hills on the trail that may be difficult for people who are just beginning a walking regimen. 

Accessibility: The hills would make it difficult for a wheelchair. Consider just walking the flat portion of the trail located near Manning Mill Road. It’s been a long time since this middle-age woman has pushed a stroller but I suspect you will be fine, even on the hills. 

Restrooms: Three

Pets: Pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash. We have encountered some people with unleashed dogs so keep that in mind if you are bringing your own pet or are not comfortable around unfamiliar dogs. 

Things you will see: The lake has plenty of ducks and geese. We have also spotted turtles and a rabbit on our walks.

This one of several turtles we have spotted near the lake.

If you are lucky, you could spot blue herons, which visit the park on occasion. 

I was lucky enough to get a picture of this blue heron.

Our take: Even though Manning Mill is just outside of Adairsville, we always feel like we are deeper in the woods. We have visited during all four seasons and it is beautiful anytime. 

Manning Mill Park is beautiful in the fall.

The hills can be a bit of a challenge for us if we haven’t walked or hiked for a while. We prefer to walk it in the morning or mid-afternoon.

The park has baseball fields, a playground and a large picnic area so it can be a bit crowded on weeknds and in the evenings. You may see some people fishing at the lake area.

Smaller picnic tables can be found throughout the park.

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