I’m Kim Jarrett, an award-winning journalist and now a full-time freelance writer. Over the past five years, my family has been on many great trips that we like to call adventures. No, we are not big on ziplining or mountain climbing. Adventure is a mindset.

We have been able to take these trips on a budget by shopping around for hotels, flights and by finding adventure close to home. Our mission is to help others on a tight budget experience the beauty and wonder of this wonderful world. We are located in North Georgia so most of our adventures happen in the Southern region of the USA. However, we have been blessed to travel beyond the South and we will bring some of those adventures to you as well.

Our website is a work in progress and we hope to hear from you. I am a writer, not a designer so look for a lot of changes as we take this journey together. Let’s get this adventure started! cropped-19731832_10212530644088319_4033544159417631864_n7.jpg


This blog is self-funded although time to time we do receive compensation for accommodations, meals and admission costs. We clearly acknowledge any compensation  by stating “We were the guest of” or “We were given free admission.”

Our goal is to give our readers accurate descriptions and our honest feelings. Any compensation does not affect our true opinion of the sites we visit.