The North Pole? I’ve been there

My five-year-old son could hardly contain his excitement as he heard the train whistle blow. In just a few minutes we would be boarding that train and headed to the “North Pole” to see Santa. That was 13 years ago but the memory of that cold evening remains in my heart and mind.  We are celebrating my son’s 18th birthday this weekend. I don’t remember … Continue reading The North Pole? I’ve been there

Small Town Christmas–Gadsden, Alabama

Editor’s note: We were the guest of  Greater Gadsden Area Tourism during our visit. This does not affect our story and everything here is our honest opinion. I walked through the streets of downtown Gadsden, Alabama on a late November day with a cold wind blowing in my hair while Christmas carols played. The trees were still painted golden and orange but the music and … Continue reading Small Town Christmas–Gadsden, Alabama

Christmas begins in a small Southern town

The kids were lined around the block in downtown Calhoun, Ga., a small Southern town in the northwest corner of the state.  Some were dressed in their finest red and green, clutching their parents’ hand as they kept their eyes on the street, anticipating the arrival of the man of the season. And when the Man in Red arrived, his tractor was led by a … Continue reading Christmas begins in a small Southern town

My bucket of chicken list

Chickens are the focus of Sunday dinners, jokes and even directions in the South. Directions to anything on U.S. 41 in Marietta, Georgia almost always includes a reference to the “Big Chicken,” that sits atop a KFC. I didn’t feel like I had truly lived until I ate a two-piece all white with mashed potatoes in its shadow.    An early childhood memory involves my … Continue reading My bucket of chicken list