One of the simple joys of childhood is being pulled around the neighborhood in a little red wagon. But what if you can be driven in one? Maybe you can if you know Jimmy Cundiff of Trion, Ga. He made a little red wagon for grown-ups and well, for children, too. You may have seen it if you are driving around Northwest Georgia–we did. I actually tried to catch up with him one day in Summerville. I don’t know what I would have done if I had. Luckily, I saw this cute little vehicle again at a car show in Valley Head, Alabama just a couple of days later. I wish I had more time to talk to Jimmy there and I will add to the story. But here’s a quick overview of this unique vehicle.

A trip to the Smokies sparks an idea

The idea for the little red wagon started on a trip to the Smoky Mountains ten years ago when Jimmy saw one there. He took a picture of it and starting thinking of how he could create his own.

The little red wagon is born

So how do you make a little red wagon you can drive around time. Jimmy started with a the body of an S-10 truck. The details go way over my head but here are some pictures showing the construction.

This ride has so many sweet details. The gear shift is wagon handle. The dashboard is custom and is a throw-back to older vehicles. The bench seat in the back is usually occupied by stuffed animals but is sometimes occupied with Jimmy’s grandchildren. Don’t worry, there are seatbelts there and in the driver’s seat. You will also have room to haul groceries and passengers in this wagon.

It’s a real vehicle, y’all

Jimmy’s little red wagon is a registered vehicle with a tag, just like the cars we drive. Funny sidebar, someone else in Georgia already has a tag that says “Wagon” so Jimmy is “Wagon 2.” Jimmy’s vehicle is generating interest from people who want to ride in it in parades to people like me who just love the nostalgia of a traveling the city streets in a little red wagon. By the way, here’s a picture of the day I first spotted Jimmy and the wagon. How wonderful is it that I actually met him just two days later?

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