Kim Jarrett has spent the majority of her 33 year career as a journalist, telling stories from places around the South. Nearly 20 years ago she took a job as an actress at a Chattanooga tourist destination. She also began writing restaurant reviews for a local travel magazine. That’s when the travel writing bug bit her.

Kim continued to write travel articles here and there. It wasn’t until 2013 when she and her husband Steve were standing in the rotunda in the Alabama State Capitol that she decided to pursue stories from her beloved South. Five years later, Southern Places and Faces was born. Kim continues to work as a journalist by day and an explorer anytime she can, whether it is 700 miles away or just a few miles up the road. Steve is the director of transportation, also known as the driver, and comic relief. Her son Lee, who runs a publication and is a professional photographer, sometimes accompanies them. You can tell when Lee is around because the pictures are better.